Why high-rise apartments are so expensive?
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April 17, 2021


Many people love the idea of living in a high-rise building, but for various reasons, they prefer to move somewhere else. Living in a high-rise apartment is not cheap. Trying to rent a condo or even a whole house for a month is still less expensive than renting a high-rise flat! Some people think that a single-family house costs more to rent than an apartment. This isn’t exactly true. Read this article to know the Top reasons why high-rise apartments are so expensive.

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The truth of high-cost 

“You get what you pay for” is an ancient phrase that refers to many aspects of society. High-rise housing is now one of them, at least in part. A high-rise apartment’s often enormous cost, on the other hand, goes beyond that term.

Reasons for the high cost 

Some of the common reasons that contribute to the high cost of high-rise apartments are as follows.

  • Great Location
  • Constant Upkeep
  • Amenities Rate
  • The Building Maintenance
  • Nice Accommodations

Reason # 1- Great Location

“Location” is a term that describes the area where a property or land is. In real estate, that’s the concept of choice for defining what makes a property worth. This point also applies to the real estate market. High-rise apartment buildings are often in beautiful areas, such as in the center of the city or near iconic tourist attractions such as beaches or parks. It is a significant rule of economics and trade that what more people want is cheap. There is a strong demand for high-rise housing, which is one of the main reasons they are so costly.

When people pay a high cost for a high-rise apartment, a significant portion of the expense is most likely due to the location. This is much appropriate for staying in or near a suitable location in any home.

Reason # 2- Constant Upkeep

Each high rise is different, from the number of units to the people who live there. Hundreds of residents live in almost every high-rise apartment complex. High-rise apartment buildings can accommodate the same number of people as a community. A big structure, like a town, needs workers to serve at city hall, keep people safe, and protect the town’s public spaces. The management of high-rise apartment buildings needs an entire team. Cleaning, repairing, and handling administrative tasks are all part of this.

Reason # 3- Amenities Rate

The amenities which high-rises apartments provide are one of the main reasons why they are appealing. For example, the building where I currently live has a gym similar to a commercial gym. This gym is not too great, but less expensive. Some other amenities are also the part like entertainment space, pet area, garage which is optional, communal gas grilles, swimming pool, laundry room, and complete concierge.

I am not one to brag about myself. Many buildings in my neighborhood have equivalent or better services. A significant number of residents are relocating from my building to some of the newer ones nearby. Modern high rises provide a mix of living space and a “lifestyle experience.” Every year, building owners improve themselves and become more attractive than their competitors, which means adding new and improved facilities.

The services provided by high-rise apartments are one of the main reasons for their high cost. Amenity charges can easily exceed 10percent of the gross monthly rental price. As a result, if you take full advantage of these opportunities, you cannot have to pay for them anywhere.

Reason # 4. Maintenance 

If you ever notice how homeowners often complain about how much upkeep their single-family home requires? They are kind of correct in a variety of ways. They must not only coordinate and even repair their house, but they also pay a reasonable price for it. Consider how much work and money a single-family house requires in comparison to a massive apartment complex. Perhaps the most common reason that high-rise apartments are so costly is that the actual structure takes a lot of effort.

Customers who rent apartments are not worried about the amount of damage they do. Apartments also need substantial remodeling and repair after a tenant moves out before being given on rent again. Common spaces worn out by regular use by a large number of people. When something fails, the property owner is responsible for the maintenance. In  Today’s times, the apartment needs a new door handle, an ice machine repair, and a garbage disposal replacement in the last few months, on top of other minor repairs. These all are already included in the rent, so there is no extra charge.

In addition to the repairs, the physical structure needs maintenance as well. Much as in a single-family home, mechanical devices fail, roofs leak, and the exterior deteriorate. In short, one can easily renovate the high-rise apartment buildings on a routine basis, if not daily.

Reason # 5. Appealing Accommodation

Most of the time, it becomes more challenging to locate a high-rise apartment building that is in rough condition from the inside. You can be confident that, at least in today’s time, the number of high-rise buildings is attractive in the following respects.

  • Driveways
  • Lobbies
  • Elevator inlets and entrances.
  • Shared amenities such as workout areas, function rooms, and other facilities.
  • Building’s exterior.
  • Interior of apartments.

All of the above are likely to be beautifully built in a newer building. This, of course, comes with a price. The physical structure’s maintenance charges are the last factor on our list for why high-rise apartments are costly.


In conclusion, if you have ever thought that why high-rise apartments are so expensive, I am sure you know why is it so. Also, now you have a better understanding of the five main reasons for what the rental rate covers. At the end of the day, what matters the most is what you get in exchange, not how much an apartment costs. If you are looking for a mortgage to get the high-rise dream apartment of yours, then contact Aceland Mortgage for expert opinion and guidance.

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