How to Handle Home Buying Advice
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June 9, 2014


advice You have decided that you are ready to buy a home and now it’s time to let your friends and family know. Family can either be your biggest support or biggest naysayer when it comes to life’s milestones. Inevitably friends and family that are currently homeowners are going to start giving you advice. The amount of unsolicited information you will receive can get overwhelming.

When receiving home buying advice it is critical to evaluate the source. Just because someone is a homeowner does not make them an expert on home buying. Consider the fact that it may have been years since they bought a home or got a mortgage. The real estate and mortgage lending markets fluctuate greatly. Ultimately every homebuyer has a vastly different experience, you can learn from others, but don’t take their advice as hard facts.

While getting advice from experienced homeowners you should take heed to what they have to say. These are people who understand filing a homeowner’s insurance claim, having home maintenance and making a monthly mortgage payment. They may be able to tell you what you can expect after you buy a house.

Always respectfully listen to the advice your friends and family provide, but take advice with a  grain of salt. If you know something is inaccurate don’t bother starting an argument about it, just let it go. Additionally, don’t get too worked up or overly concerned about something you’ve been told. If you are alarmed about something you heard from an acquaintance check with your real estate or mortgage professional to see if it’s true. Ultimately people just like to share their stories with others and relate to what you are experiencing in life.

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