It’s Complicated, But Also Simple
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September 5, 2023


Alright, folks, let’s dive into this festive topic perfect for BBQs, Labor Day weekend convos, and… intense family debates? Just kidding! Let’s hop into this rollercoaster ride of rates, houses, and good ol’ economy chitchat, but with a sprinkling of fun! 🎢

Dueling Banjos: Rates and Recessions

Labor Day chitchat could sound like: “Rates are skyrocketing! Housing’s about to crumble! Recession is nigh!” or “Hang on! Rates are chillin’! Housing’s on the rebound! The economy’s flexin’ its muscles!” Who’s right? Who knows? Grab some popcorn; it’s gonna be a suspense thriller.

Ratey-McRateface: The Rates’ Tale

“Rates are high!” Sure, but they’re also shimmying down to some sweet monthly lows lately. Check the deets here:

The Infamous Inflation Intrigue

If you played ‘Economic Family Feud,’ and shouted, “Why are rates sky-high?” Survey says: “Inflation!” But who do we point fingers at for inflation? Some might blame the 2020-21 Fed stimulus party, others the post-COVID financial piñata, and a few might throw in some exotic answers involving moon phases or their mother-in-law. 🌚
Is inflation a Big Bad Wolf or a misunderstood puppy? The Fed’s peeps seem to think it’s still a tad too high. Yet this week, the Fed’s own fancy inflation gauge seemed to think we’ve hit the Goldilocks zone. So, should the Fed ease up to avoid a financial crash landing? Buckle up, because as always, it’s… drumroll complicated!

But wait, the Fed’s saying: “Hold up! Our inflation targets aren’t for next week, they’re for next YEAR!” And yep, they think annual inflation’s still in the “eek!” zone.

Taking the Landing: Easy Peasy or Crash Bang Wallop?

Why does the Fed hike rates? Well, in simpleton terms, to make your shiny new car, your comfy house, and your fancy credit card a tad more expensive so you… buy less of everything. In other words, “Slow down on the shopping sprees, folks!” So everyone can later splurge but in a less frenzied way than, let’s say, 2021-22. But, nailing the perfect timing? That’s wizard-level complicated.

Predicting the Future: Like Juggling Jello

Predictions. Easy as pie, right? Not quite. Especially when the pie’s the future. You might glance at home prices or the number of folks getting hired and think, “Ah! I see what’s coming.” But trust us, it’s like trying to read tea leaves during a hurricane.

But you know, when in doubt, let’s ask five-year-olds! Imagine showing them a rising blue line on a graph and asking where it’s going. They’d probably say, “UP!” And if you’re nodding along, you’re in good company.

Now, the Fed’s no dumbo. They’re also side-eyeing those trends. And they’ve got some fancy charts of their own. Wanna peek?

In conclusion, even if all these forces seem like a tangled spaghetti mess, if you squint a little, it gets simpler. But predicting the future? That’s like herding cats. Or should we say… predicting cats? 😉

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