Tips for Selling a House in Spring
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April 17, 2015


tips for selling a house

Selling a home is a big undertaking. Many homeowners decide to list their homes in the springtime when the real estate market picks up and there are more potential homebuyers. However, many sellers make the mistake of thinking a busier real estate season means they won’t have to put much effort into selling their home. So, here we share key tips for selling a house.

Use a Realtor

Many homeowners try to go the route of selling their home without a real estate professional. They think they can save money by listing the home themselves. It is strongly advisable that you utilize the services of a real estate professional to sell your home. They have the professional knowledge, marketing know-how and industry connections to sell quickly and for more money. After basic mistakes, pricing issues and lack of proper negotiation skills you’ll end up costing yourself more than if you paid the commission for a well seasoned real estate professional.

Re-Invigorate Your House Listing

If your home has been on the market since before the holidays, take it off of the market for a few weeks and let it cool off. For some reason buyers get a negative feeling about your home when they see it’s been sitting on the market for an extended period of time regardless of the condition of your home. Re-listing the home will increase its relevancy and your chances of selling it. Buyers’ agents will also see your home re-enter the MLS and start showing it more frequently.

Price It Right

Just because there are lots of buyers entering the real estate market does not mean you can price your home anyway you want to. There are still plenty of other homes to compete with and buyers are still looking for a “deal.” Have your realtor perform a comparative market analysis to determine what your home will likely sell for and price it accordingly. Unfortunately your mortgage loan balance, the amount you paid for the house and the amount of profit you want to yield have no effect of what it’s true value it.  A home that is priced correctly will attract lots of buyers and will sell much quicker than an overpriced home.

Don’t Neglect Curb Appeal

Have you ever heard the saying, You only get one chance to make a first impression? This certainly applies to selling your home. Most buyers make an opinion of whether they’d consider buying your home after looking at it for just 30 seconds. Use the beautiful springtime weather as a way to showcase your home. Make sure your landscaping and curb appeal is fresh, bright and inviting. Allow homebuyers to envision themselves pulling into that driveway as they come home or sitting out of the porch and enjoying a beautiful day.

Make Repairs Before Listing

Repair any outstanding issues with your home before putting it on the market. Buyers are going to scrutinize every detail of the house. They will notice a leaky sink, holes in the walls where art was hung and any other other cosmetic blemishes. Furthermore, if you know there is something that will likely come up on a home inspection take care of it before listing the house. Repairs done after a home inspection tend to be much more expensive than if you take care of it beforehand.

Follow these suggestions for selling your home this spring to make the process more streamlined. You’ll find yourself moving on to the new home of your dreams quicker than you thought with a higher net profit. for expert guidance, tips for selling a house and opinion contact Aceland Mortgage.


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