Advantages of Selling Real Estate in the Summer
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June 18, 2014


sand castleSummertime is upon us which means warmer weather, longer days, sitting by the poolside and an increase in the number of for sale signs in neighborhoods across the country. Many homeowners find the summer to be a lucrative time to sell their house. Here are 5 advantages of selling real estate in the summer months.

1- Landscaping/ Curb Appeal
The summer months mean lush green lawns and beautiful flowers in bloom. A buyer’s first impression of their home is made within seconds of seeing it. They make an opinion of your home before they even step inside. Beautiful landscaping will give potential buyers a good feeling about your property and they will enter the home in a positive mindset. The summer allows you to spotlight how beautiful your home is both inside and out.

2- Break from the School Year
Many families look the buy a home during the summer months so that they are settled in a new home before the school year starts in the fall. Families with children will be more aggressive with their offers on a home that is located in a good school district that they want to get into. These factors can expedite your sale and increase your profits.

3- Better Visibility
There are more hours in the day to sell real estate in the summer months. Many agents will only show homes during daylight hours so it is beneficial to take advantage of the longer days of summer. Potential buyers are also more likely to see your home’s for sale sign in the summer months.

4- Seller’s market
There is an increased number of buyers in the real estate market during the summer months for the reasons listed about. Thirty to fourty percent of homes sell during the summer months. This leads to more showings of your home, multiple offers and top dollar on your sales price.

5- Prepared for the Fall
If your home has not sold by the end of the summer months you are at least prepared for tackling the autumn real estate market. The chances that you will sell your home during the fall and before the slowest real estate season of the year are much greater. Buyers who viewed your home in summer may return to take a second look. Your real estate agent will also have greater incentive to sell your home and possibly more time to allocate to the sale.

Use these advantages of selling your home this summer. The days are long and the weather is beautiful, get some interest in your home and sell it before the next school year begins. Reap the benefits of a busy summer market and leave the closing table with a larger check.

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