Mortgage points – Defining them
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December 25, 2020


Taking mortgage loans to fulfill our dream of buying a home is a better way to save time and money. Many lenders present in the market offer buyer to pay low-interest rates on the loan if they buy mortgage points. If you buy these points, then you reduce your interest rate by a certain percentage. The mortgage points have financial importance because a buyer can easily save a good amount of money in his pocket on the interest than he has paid for buying these points.

To make you all more familiar with the concept of mortgage points, I am providing you with some necessary information in this article related to mortgage points.

Let’s start with the basic definition of mortgage points.


Mortgage points are the type of special fee that a buyer has to pay to the lender when closing the mortgage loan. In exchange for this, a buyer will get low-interest rates and concession in monthly payments on the mortgage. After paying this fee, you can buy your house by spending less on the mortgage’s lifetime. You need mortgage points to buy the home. They provide you so much ease in buying a home and getting a mortgage at low rates.

Types of mortgage points

If you want to buy a home, you have to collect all the information about the two types of mortgage points.

  • Discount points
  • Origination Points

Discount Points

These are the most basic ones. So if you want to buy a home and want less interest rate on the mortgage, then you have to buy these points. More the points you will have more the rate falls on the mortgage. Many lenders are present in the market, and all have their specific framework for mortgage points. But wait, do not trust them instantly. Do visit the market and check which lender offers a good framework that suits you according to your requirements. The lender is responsible for all this, and also these points are also affected by market cost and the loan type you can get. The basic limit that you can use to lower the interest rate is 1/8 to 1/4 % on a respective mortgage loan.

Origination Points

The points provide flexible favors to the buyer. If you are buying a home and have these points, you can negotiate with the lender on the interest rates. Paying this type of fee is based on the lender’s decision. Your lender is responsible for charging and non-charging this fee. They are not standard and recommended rates by the market. The lender sets them. You can say this is the fee that the lender uses to process, write, and approve the home loan application. This type of fee is the percentage on loan.

Advantage of mortgage points

Mortgage points have many benefits, but some of the main advantages are as follows:

  • Discount on Interest Rate

These points have much importance in reducing the interest rates on loans. If you are applying for a mortgage and you have bought these points, then in return, the interest rate on your loan decreases, or you can say that you will get a good discount on it, so if you buy 1 mortgage point from the respective lender, then your interest rate is decreased by 0.25%.

  • Payments

If you have more mortgage points, your interest rate automatically reduces, So the interest rate decreases and decreases the payments. You would get an easy chance to revamp your monthly saving. It can also help you to manage your finance at the start.

  • Tax-Deduction

If you discuss origination points, then the points are tax-deductible till the buyer pays the cost to apply for the loan. It is not dependent upon the closing cost. Whereas in the term of discount points, they are always tax-deductible points and are useful for many buyers to cope with their financial stress because it is tough to manage finance at the beginning of the homeownership. The prepaid interest is the only one that is from the tax deduction that a buyer pays.

  • Buying of Mortgage points

Many of us get confused about whether to buy the mortgage points or not?

The answer to this question is that if you buy a home, you have to decide how much time you will stay in the home?

Stay In home for long

If you want to live in a home for many years, then you can buy these points. The buying of a mortgage depends upon the cash that you have. These are useful for getting the loan, but they need an investment of dollars on buying, but on the other side, your interest rate on loan also decreases. Don’t worry. You can utilize the money you save from your monthly payments, and when the price you paid for points finishes, you can easily keep the money that comes as extra cash from low-interest rates. The decision is all yours if you can easily afford the buying price, then go for it.

Not to stay in the home for long

If you are not planning to stay at the same home for many years and planning to leave home after 5 years, think about buying the mortgage points first because you can lose a good amount of money on purchasing these discount points.


The mortgage point can be useful for you while buying a home because they are responsible for lowering the mortgage loan’s interest rate. But before buying these, do some proper homework and then decide whether buying mortgage points are a good choice to get a mortgage loan or not. Take time and make the right decision that better suits you.

If you have any difficulty in understanding these, contact Aceland Mortgage.

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