Cosmetic Features to Look Past in a Home
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February 25, 2016


cosmetic features

Most home buyers want to purchase a move in ready home. They want to unload the moving truck, unpack their boxes and settle right in. However, some elbow grease can increase the value of your house and customize it to your taste. Here are some cosmetic features to look past while house hunting.


Carpets have the uncanny ability to turn off buyers. When you see carpets that have aged, your mind begins to think about the dust and dander that has built up for the past few years. They may look worn and dirty and overall unappealing, but replacing carpet is a small and rather inexpensive home renovation. Nearly every home you see will have some type of carpeting. Do not let this deter you from purchasing a particular house.


Homes with very distinct paint colors can be off putting to potential buyers. No one wants to think about the hassle of having to repaint every room in a home. Painting is the most inexpensive way to make a big impact in a home. While it is nice to buy a home with a neutral color scheme, it should not be a deal breaker. You should expect to paint at least one room after buying a house.


Similar to paint- you should not walk away from a home just because it has some wallpaper. Keep an open mind while viewing a house and realize that removing wall paper can make a big difference in the home. While wallpaper may not be visually pleasing, it is not a major renovation to take on. You can live with the house functioning just fine with a little tacky wall paper until you are ready to remove it. You also may be able to negotiate a lower price because other buyers have walked away from the home due to the wall paper.

Dated Light Fixtures

A home that has dated brass fixtures may seem old or out of style, but don’t let it push you away from a home. Replacing light fixtures in a home is relatively inexpensive. It will make a big impact on the style of the room. You can budget to replace one or two fixtures each month so you aren’t taking on the expense of replacing them all at once. 


Don’t let outdated cosmetic features keep you from purchasing a house. Especially if it is within your budget and your desired area. A house that looks like a show home may put you in a bidding war, or have you paying more than necessary. Don’t be afraid of the sweat equity you can build by changing out a few fixtures and painting some walls. Look at the bones of the house- the layout, the bathrooms and kitchen and the number of bedrooms it has. These are items that are difficult to change. After making these small inexpensive cosmetic changes your home will better suit your style, its value will increase, but you’ll still be enjoying your lower mortgage payment.

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