I think we’re turning Japanese…
1 minute read
November 5, 2013


Western economies are experiencing slower recovering growth than Japan during its “Lost Decade.” Could it be that we are turning Japanese? Inflation targets are being missed and we’re seeing growth continue to sputter. Last month’s Consumer Confidence dropped, definitely not good for demand. The uncertainty in the market continues to persist. Five years into the recovery…is this our decade to lose? Japan used quantitative easing as its prescription to fight deflation however it hasn’t worked to turn the tide. We need animal spirits; we need demand; we need raging confidence at a global level–is this the prescription for what ails us? Lest we forget the liquidity that’s in the system — would the ramifications from a spark be worse than what we face today? Maybe we’ll find out but for now I think we’re turning Japanese, I really think so.

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