Pros and cons of renting a storage unit
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May 12, 2021


You cannot travel more than a few miles in most urban areas these days without running into a public storage unit. People are increasingly using storage units to save money on housing when they move from home to home within the same area. Many households necessarily need additional storage space to accommodate the collection of things over time. If you’re considering self-storage but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, read this article. In this article, we share a few pros and cons of renting a storage unit.

Pros of renting a storage unit

1: Declutter without losing anything

Many residents have more things than they know what to do, but they find it difficult to let go of it all. Sure, you may be able to get rid of a few things here and there, but significantly downsizing is difficult when you have an emotional attachment to all of the items. So, what to do other than that? Is there an option?

Keep stuff in storage that is not in your use in a year or more. Perhaps you can also go through them later and downsize some more, but if you really can’t bear to let go of them right now, store them temporarily so you can finally settle in your own home without feeling messy and stressed.

2: Secure, Convenient, and Safe Storage of Stuff

Proper and Well Gated parking spaces, security cameras, monitored entry and exit points, and even overnight security guards are available at public storage sites. There is much better security than most apartment complexes and single-family homes have. This makes these storage units a better alternative to many people’s residences. Furthermore, climate control increases the lifespan of the belongings.

3: Good for Temporary and Long Term Storage

Self-storage units are a smart option because of their versatility, whether you’re going long-term or only taking a temporary job or holiday and plan to return after a few months. Several movers in the United States allow you to rent a storage unit on a month-to-month basis without agreeing to a contract, which means you do not have to give the penalty if you need to remove your belongings on short notice. If you need long-term storage, a contract can generally allow you to lock in a lower monthly cost.

4: While selling the home, it’s easier to stage it

It is essential to stage the house with less clutter when you are selling it. Presenting a tidy, partially-furnished home with no or less mess or clutter is crucial to attracting more buyers and getting the best possible sales price. And because you will have to pack everything to move, storing several boxes in short-term storage down the street is a wise move that is much more than paying for itself.

Cons of renting a storage unit

1: People sometimes neglect the cost of moving

The cost of moving is not included in the storage rental fee. Many people get upset about how much hiring a local moving company to transport their belongings from one home to a storage unit only a few miles away can cost. Now, if you are transferring many things like heavy and oversized objects, this is a tremendous amount of work for only one person alone, so finding someone with a moving truck to support you must be necessary.

2: Extra Risk With Inexpensive Storage Units

Several customers make the mistake of choosing outdoor storage units only because they want to save a few dollars per month. However, this is a major mistake because storage units with outdoor accessibility are not climate-controlled. They are much easier to get into for criminals and pests.

3: Storage Isn’t As Convenient As It Is At Home

Let’s admit that getting in the car and driving down to the storage unit only to get a couple of things can quickly become exhausting for many of us. When it comes to long-term storage, many people learn from the experience they face in their life before. However, if you plan correctly and store rarely-used things in the storage unit, you can easily remove this issue.

4: Pricey and less efficient temperature-controlled unit

Although you choose a temperature-controlled unit, which is usually more expensive, your possessions can be exposed to the weather. This can be very much difficult for certain objects that expand and contract with temperature. So if you have any delicate items that you want to keep behind, this may not be the safest choice.

5: Only Be Accessible Locally

Many know when they want something from their storage unit but can not get it because it’s miles away. So, whether you are traveling or moving out, you might not get to it in 15 to 20 minutes.


Whenever you want short-term or long-term storage, storage units can be a valuable and reliable choice. Be aware of the pros and cons of storage units. Think logically, then plan before choosing what to store, what to leave at home, or discard. If you have a storage unit of your own and want to mortgage it or rent it out, contact Aceland Mortgage for expert opinion and guidance.

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