Real Estate Broker vs Real Estate Agent
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January 4, 2021


Turns out that the real estate industry is a small world with jargon, too, like other industries. This industry is full of different professionals whose duties and tasks can easily confuse you. Mostly we confuse the term real estate agent with a real estate broker. Don’t worry! This is very much common. To clear your confusion about how they differ from each other, check out this article, which provides you a comparison of real estate broker vs. real estate agent.

Real estate broker

Simply put, the real estate broker is the person who is one step ahead of a real estate agent. They can hire the agents and have a full choice to open a brokerage firm that can sell or buy any property. They are independent to work. Above all, to become a real estate broker, you have to study more and take an exam to get the federal housing administration license. Real estate brokers are free to hire any agents and supervise them according to the needs of clients.

Real estate agent

Compared to the real estate broker, the real estate agent is that person who has licenses to sell any property in his state. Real estate agents do not work on their own they have to work under the brokerage firm or an independent broker. The agents are responsible for showing up the properties to the clients. They also deal with the clients on the broker’s instruction and help them in everything during the whole process.

Duties of Real estate broker vs real estate agent

The common responsibilities of the real estate brokers are as follows:

  • Real estate brokers are responsible for the registration of real estate agents and properties.
  • Deal with the agents by managing and training them on dealing with the clients in a better way.
  • Responsible for solving all the internal brokerage conflicts between the firm and clients.
  • Provide better reviews about the contract.
  • They can easily establish escrow accounts because they are trustworthy.
  • All the things related to property marketing and distribution of goods is their responsibility.
  • They manage and list the properties.
  • As a rule, they need to have full knowledge about managing the office and the staff at a safe time.
  • As a result, proper time management is their duty.
  • Deal with all the communications that are with government officials and any associations related to real estate properties.
  • The primary responsibility is to keep and manage all the records of properties
  • Dealing with the vendors.

Duties of Real estate agent

Some of the common responsibilities of the real estate agent are as follows:

  • Act as a true representative of the buyers and sellers in the market.
  • All the advertising and marketing of properties and homes on sale are also included in their duty.
  • Manage all the transactions that are made by the clients.
  • They help in the negotiations between the broker and the client.
  • They have full independence from the broker for searching for the best lead of buyer and seller from the market.
  • The showing up of homes to the clients is also their key responsibility.
  • Provide the homes on rent to the customers. These homes may be residential or commercial.

Advantages of real estate broker

Own Brokerage firm

Many of the brokers have a full choice to open their brokerage firm and work independently. They have the licenses that allow them to open the firm, and many agents and associate brokers are fully allowed to work under their firm. The agents got the commission from deals, but they are responsible for paying all the other desk charges.

High Income

If an agent wants to become a broker, he must pass a specific exam for a license. After that, they can earn a high amount of money, whether they are selling a property or not.

Property managing company

This is a great option when working as a real estate broker because you can manage the properties. A broker can run its own company and act as a middleman between two parties that are a tenant and the owner of the property provided for rent. It would be a good career option when the topic is hot in the market.

Advantages of real estate agent

Less licensing requirements

If you want the license of a real estate agent, then be ready. You have to do many courses related to the field, and you have to fulfill all the administration requirements. Then you have to pass the licensing exam.

Financial Liability

They have some limited liabilities because they cannot open their firms and have limited responsibilities. The agents are also not responsible for any financial dealing.

Fewer Management duties

They are dealing with the vendors and help the clients by showing them the related properties of their choice.


I hope you get an idea about the difference between a real estate broker and a real estate agent. Besides, if you need to take it as a career option in the future and want to learn the art of buying and selling a property, here are its basics. You see, the differences between these two terms are minor. If you are confused about making the correct decision for your property, contact Aceland Mortgage. Get advice from the experts in the town.

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