Responsibilities of Landlords towards the Tenants
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May 13, 2021


Every landlord has some responsibilities towards tenants. Although you want them to pay rent every month on time, they also have some requirements and expectations from you when they sign the contract. Here are a few of the common responsibilities of landlords towards tenants.

Responsibilities of the landlords

There are many responsibilities of landlords towards their tenants, but the most common ones are as follows.

Safe and Secure environment

  • Each tenant wants a safe and secure environment in which they live. So as a landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure that your tenants have a safe place to live. Within the apartment or a home, the tenants must feel comfortable. It needs that you can make sure that all of the doors and windows are fully locked and that the locks are in good working order. But at the very least, every front door must have a deadbolt lock.
  • You also double-check that the tenant’s apartment is locked and that no one else has an extra key. When a previous tenant moves out, and a new one moves in, you still have to reset the locks. If you’re going to issue realtors the keys to reveal your vacancies, make sure to use a common lock that you can replace before your tenant moves in.
  • You can not let unsupervised maintenance workers into a tenant’s apartment because this can result in robbery claims. You also need to double-check that all fire precautions, like the fitting of working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, have been followed.
  • Outside of the house, tenants have to feel secure. Ensure that all outside spaces are well-lit and free of dangers, like a broken step or a shaky handrail.
  • If you own a multi-unit home, your tenants must feel relaxed and comfortable with the other tenants. Any renters who want to rent the property must be thoroughly screened for criminal records or other potential issues.
  • Allowing any pets that might be dangerous like dogs is also a no-no. These pets have a greater tendency for biting, which can make other residents feel uneasy.

Peaceful Environment

  • A tenant wants peace in the home. While screening tenants, search for someone that you know can treat others with dignity. You should also have a specific quiet hours policy in property that all residents must agree to, such as no or less noise, songs, or anything else after 10:00 p.m.

Neat and Clean Environment

  • A tenant always expects a clean environment of the home. Although I agree that you are not responsible for the tenant’s dishes or cleaning up the living space, or picking up the laundry from the floor, you have some duties as a landlord to keep the house in working order.
  • You must ensure the removal of the trash properly. It can be either on your own or by a contract with a tenant or manager. You also need to ensure that open areas are well-maintained; they must be free of trash, cleaned well or vacuumed regularly, and have working fans and light bulbs. One can also maintain the outdoor spaces in the same way. But make sure the trimming of the lawn is on time, the outdoor lights are functioning well, and the backyard is free of litter.
  • Some of the tenants have a fear of rodents and insects. So if the tenant has any issue with a rat, roach, mites, bedbug, or another pest, you must either eliminate the problem yourself or appoint a specialist to do so. If you use insecticides without a license, then you are exposing yourself to extra liability.

Timely response towards Repair Requests

  • To live in your home or any other property, it is self-evident that a tenant pays rent. It is your responsibility to tenants to respond to their maintenance requests in a timely and reasonable manner. The nature of the repair must decide the urgency with which you will react. A drawer or a cabinet door of the kitchen or bathroom that has come off its hinges does not require immediate care, but it is important to repair them within a week.
  • In the winter season, the lack of heat is a repair that requires urgent attention for both tenant’s protection and the sake of the property. The water pipes freeze due to a lack of heat, resulting in thousands of dollars in repair costs. You can also face legal consequences if you are too responsible for the fault of heat, like the lack of heat, which is caused by a defective heater rather than the tenant’s failure to pay the gas bills on time.

 Advise the tenants to Buy Renters Insurance

  • Most of the tenants are unaware of the fact that your insurance policies do not cover them. It is your responsibility towards all the tenants to advise them to buy renters insurance to protect the belongings in a fire, storm, or any other emergency.
  • Renter’s policies can also support them from damages if a visitor has an injury in their home. Renters insurance is relatively inexpensive in the USA, costing little enough as $10 per month.

Keeping Tenant Security Deposits

  • It is your landlord’s moral right to keep the tenant’s security deposit following the state’s rules. Since every state is different, you need to consult with yours to determine what is necessary or what is not necessary.


Responsibilities of Landlords also include the safety of the security deposits of the tenants as well as a few mentioned above. You need to fulfill these duties on time without creating any chaos. You cannot change or say no to any of the responsibilities because the tenants have many expectations from you. If you are looking for mortgage options, contact Aceland Mortgage for expert opinion and guidance.

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